On ascendancy.

October 25th, 2008 · No Comments · Life in the Undercity

People assume that, due to my difficult childhood, I am not at all superstitious like my Darkspear brethren and prefer to rely on magicka and scientific discovery to lead me through life. That assumption is true for the most part, but I do acknowledge certain Loa and I do incorporate that acknowledgement whilst practicing my acquired faith. It might seem hypocritical, but if you are to call me shrewd in all of my other dealings then you’d understand that even when it comes to the spirit world, I leave nothing to chance.

When I was sold to Jansen and Anastasia, I learned of their devotion to the Cult of Forgotten Shadow. As a lonely creature in a world that is unkind to creatures such as I, the teachings spoke to that part of me that has been crippled and lost. Many Forsaken who throw off the shackles of scourge imprisonment describe the exact same realization; the Light that has left them leaves a void too great to fill without the assurance of power and control over one’s destiny. That I might one day ascend to the place of the dark Loa led me to their place of worship. Respect, tenacity, and power becomes doctrine, but the self-discipline is torturous. Whether or not I shall some day manifest myself into true undeath is uncertain, but I would say that in a world where flesh is short-lived and only death is certain, it is not unwise to learn to manipulate one’s own death for self-gain.

That being said, Churches are fucking barbaric places. And this comes from a woman who was raised in a village built upon mud and shit.



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