Murderous visions.

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I don’t sleep. That’s what I tell people and that’s what I believe. I close my eyes and several hours later, I open them. My mind never truly finds rest in between that time.

This is happening repeatedly. Open. Close. Open. Close. I can see you! You’re just hiding. And then, suddenly, blackness! Glorious! Followed by sounds. Quiet murmurings here and there. Hissing. Crackling. And then, you can see it!

She has charred blood under her skin. So heavenly. So intoxicating. You can smell it wafting off her. I am so enthralled. She is burnt from within. Her breath is smoke and her eyes are the embers. She is the promise of an end. Fire is absolute; it doesn’t equivocate or creep tentatively, as a flood will slowly rise. It destroys all in its path and sets the way clear for new growth, for new meaning.

She is smiling and laughing, dancing about me, raking me across her hot coals. I follow her. When I open my eyes again, I remember who I am. What I am.

I am Dzivah. I like to watch things burn. I will burn down my world and make it anew.


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